Our growth as a company has been truly organic. It began with a fledgling love for all things Google, and a desire to provide clients with targetable, trackable marketing.  We are a digital agency that established its roots in Search Marketing/PPC and grew into a successful full-service agency.  Our portfolio ranges from traditional media (billboards, print, radio, television), to web design, web development, social media marketing, info-graphics, video, content proliferation, programming, display marketing, photography, and all the necessary geeky stuff.  Our client industries include: Retail/Sporting Goods, Ski Resorts, Legal Firms, Medical Imaging, Adventure Travel, Restaurants, Sports Flooring, Masonry Suppliers, Landscape Design, and more.

Nothing at our agency is on autopilot: success doesn’t work that way.  Trends change, apps evolve, and the world of SEO is constantly changing – that’s why we always have our finger on the pulse.  We reexamine data, reevaluate processes, and tweak campaigns for maximum results.  And you won’t find us outsourcing – we don’t need to – our experienced teams are versatile, talented, and come from various industries.

At Idyllwild, our philosophy is based upon transparency and accountability – just ask any of our long-time clients.  We provide clients with reporting insights most companies keep secret – why?  Because we’re one of the best – our results don’t lie.  Above all, we hold ourselves accountable to client expectations.  We only succeed when our clients succeed.

The Team

  • Michelle Smith
  • Greg Bay
    VP Marketing & Development
  • Erik Harrison
    Head of Programming & Design
  • Rob Covington
    Creative Director
  • Neil Sorenson
    Paid Search Contributor
  • Shanyn Boman
    Marketing and Content Specialist
  • Jordan Heppler
    Jr. Designer
  • Stephen Reimann
    Audio Productions & Research Analyst
  • Renee Wolschon
    Accounting Manager
  • Sydney
    Sydney Stephens
    Official Fish and Frog Whisperer

Team Support

  • Sid Vicious
    Sid Vicious
    Punk Rocker Extraordinaire
  • Jaws & Froggy Fresh
    Trained Assassin & Rap Artist
  • Blue Fish
    Greg’s Match Made in Heaven
  • Prince Naveen & Dory
    Amorous Prince & Forgetful Prankster
  • Red Fish & Jabba
    Office Clowns
  • Maury & Whippit
    Coach & Speed Racer