Our growth as a company has been truly organic. It began with a fledgling love for all things Google, and a desire to provide clients with targetable, trackable marketing.  We are a digital agency that established its roots in Search Marketing/PPC and grew into a successful full-service agency.  Our portfolio ranges from traditional media (billboards, print, radio, billboard, television), to web design, web development, social media marketing, programming, display marketing, photography, and all the necessary geeky stuff.  Our client industries include: Retail/Sporting Goods, Ski Resorts, Legal Firms, Medical Imaging, Adventure Travel, Restaurants, Sports Flooring, Masonry Suppliers, Landscape Design, and more.

Nothing at our agency is on autopilot: success doesn’t work that way.  Trends change, apps evolve, and the world of SEO is constantly changing – that’s why we always have our finger on the pulse.  We reexamine data, reevaluate processes, and tweak campaigns for maximum results.  And you won’t find us outsourcing – we don’t need to – our experienced teams are versatile, talented, and come from various industries.

At Idyllwild, our philosophy is based upon transparency and accountability – just ask any of our long-time clients.  We provide clients with reporting insights most companies keep secret – why?  Because we’re one of the best – our results don’t lie.  Above all, we hold ourselves accountable to client expectations.  We only succeed when our clients succeed.

We’ll blow your digital marketing out of the water. We’re bold, talented, geeky and fun.

Idyllwild: a remarkably different digital agency.

The Team

  • Michelle Smith
  • Greg Bay
    VP Marketing & Development
  • Erik Harrison
    Head of Programming & Design
  • Rob Covington
    Creative Director
  • Cameron Cox
    Accounts & Project Manager
  • Sarah Roseborough
    Assistant Accounts and Project Manager
  • Scott Collett
  • Jennifer Morley
    Administrative Assistant/Receptionist
  • Renee Wolschon
    Accounting Manager
  • Neil Sorenson
    Paid Search Contributor