Digital Marketing Trends for 2016

Out with the old, in with the new, right?  As we venture into the new year, here are a few digital marketing trends you’ll want to keep on your 2016 business radar. We could probably name about 20, but instead chose our Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends we believe will have the biggest impact for 2016. Drum roll, please:

2016 Digital Marketing Trends

1. Remarketing, remarketing, remarketing – some of us have been successfully implementing this brilliant marketing strategy for years, and suddenly the rest of the world seems to be waking up.

2. “Content is King” will continue to rule the SEO and Marketing kingdom. It’s not just a trendy, overused reference like #disruption was in 2015: everything was “disrupted” and there was total chaos everywhere (no, not really). Quality of content will be rewarded: as relevance and quality of content continue to convert, content marketing will continue evolving throughout 2016.

3. Social Media joins the big leagues, driving influencers and engagement opportunities. Social is quickly becoming a pay-to-play ball game, with power and influence that can no longer be ignored by businesses who wish to succeed.  When implemented successfully, social media can be a grand slam for building customer loyalty and building brand reputation.  Also, as platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn continue to evolve, so do their analytics – helping to answer the age-old question “What’s my ROI?”

4. Local SEO: get found, or get lost. As competition grows on the web, going local will offer one of the best ways to find your audience. Local search clearly aligns with mobile and voice search so be sure to incorporate your local SEO using smart keywords, app integration (since Google now utilizes mobile app data to show in search results), and update those Google Maps.

5. As voice search continues to grow, digital assistants (like Siri and Cortana) will require a new type of optimization. Search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising aren’t going anywhere, but there’s a new kid in town: optimizing for voice search. Be sure your business information is also easily accessible to these digital assistants, rather than just directing people to your site (Oh! And keep in mind the terms someone uses in a voice search vs. desktop keyboard search).

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