Digital Marketing

So you have a great website, but without users, potential customers and buyers, it serves no purpose.

Here are the steps we take with our clients to get the desired results:

  • We get them found with Organic and Paid Search.
  • We help them create great ads with our Ad Production Services.
  • We help them broadcast their great ads to their users with our targeted Banner Display and Video Marketing campaigns.
  • We incorporate Remarketing in their strategies.
  • We help them keep a good flow of communication with their buyers with our Email Marketing Services.
  • We don’t hold back. Whatever it takes. We will bring in any of our Social Media Services, Pandora, or others as the need arises.
Digital Marketing

Organic & Paid Search

Paid Search, Pay-Per-Click(PPC) Advertising, Sponsored Listings, Search Engine Marketing, whichever, it’s all the same.

We don’t mess around. We dominate PPC Advertising fast and completely for our clients. We use a variety of strategies (and no they are not all money) to achieve this domination and we get results.

Not only do we set-up our clients accounts perfectly, we also nurture their sponsored Pay-Per-Click campaigns by continually analyzing and optimizing to grow their ROI.

SEO is about the ingredients and the people who use the ingredients to the fullest. It’s a checklist of things to be done on and off your website that get you ranked organically on search engines for your desired terms. This list is huge and ever changing. Thankfully our clients don’t have to worry about that because they hired us.

Ad Production

We provide our clients with a full-range of ad production services. We expertly craft our clients marketing messages, storyboard the content, and design pieces for all environments, including:

  • Flash/Static Image Ads
  • Product and Location Photography
  • Print/Display Pieces
  • Facebook Creative
  • Promotional Materials

Banner Display Advertising

We help our clients display their flash or image ads on local and national sites all over the Internet, including Blogger, Gmail and YouTube.

We learned early on that we could run banner campaigns at a very competitive rate and at the optimal frequency. Banner ads do not have to be expensive.

We are very adept at finding your target audience and running effective and efficient banner placement campaigns that boost site traffic, bolster the brand and increase business.

With us, you are assured your banner ads will only show to users who are within your selected target area, and to users searching your desired key phrases.

Here are some examples of what we can do for you. We create HTML5 animated banner ads for cross-platform compatibility and mobile visibility.

Sample Work


Have you ever noticed the same display ad following you around from site-to-site? Seems like that company must have a million dollars in marketing, right?

Actually, in most cases you are just being remarketed to. Don’t worry, it is not spam, not a virus and won’t harm you or your users.

We simply place a code on your site that puts a cookie on your user’s browser when they visit your site. This allows us to add them to your remarketing audience and we can broadcast messages to them pretty much wherever they are on the web.

We come up with the strategies, the creative and manage the campaigns. We can also tailor messages to users who have visited a certain part of your site, or who have made a purchase, or even abandoned a purchase.

Over and over again, we find the visitors who return to our sites from remarketing campaigns convert at very impressive levels.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the perfect complement to any marketing campaign.

It is an important tool for any business. It will help you build stronger relationships with your customers by motivating them to come back and buy more often. It can also be used as a referral tool to help you gain more customers and get the word out about current specials or company news.

What you will receive with our Email Marketing Services:

  • Onsite link and customized email gathering form
  • Import/Manage email lists
  • Create graphical interactive flyer/Landing page
  • Upload
  • User testing
  • Distribution
  • Reporting

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