Social Media Marketing

Social media plays a key role in business marketing strategies – bringing increased website traffic and sales; supporting brand recognition; influencing customer loyalty; growing social communities; strengthening online reputation management; powering organic search results; aiding in event and promotion management; and so much more. Our social media experts at Idyllwild recognize the power of social media and the importance of maintaining our client’s online presence.

Successful social media marketing requires mindful strategy.  With a deep understanding of each platform’s opportunities, demographics and capabilities, we determine the most appropriate social media channels to align with client objectives.

Managing social media requires crafting content messaging appropriate to each brand; developing and managing budgets for paid advertising campaigns; conceptualizing unique promotional campaigns; maintaining an active online social presence by driving public conversation and engagement; monitoring client listings among online directories; developing custom applications; designing custom branded pages and profiles; and analyzing social metrics to drive maximum results.

Our Social Media Marketing includes:

  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Social Media Promotions And Paid Advertising
  • Online Reputation Management

Social Media Campaigns

Idyllwild has been successfully building strong social media campaigns for 6+ years in a variety of industries.  We attribute our success to a talented team of creative, knowledgeable experts who understand social media trends and capabilities.  For effective social media, it’s imperative to include the following:

  • Talented Content writers to keep things fresh
  • Cutting-edge Creative Developers/Designers
  • Dedicated Moderators for online conversation
  • Marketing/Branding strategists
  • Data Analyst to interpret and evaluate performance metrics

Social Media Paid Advertising

As social media marketing continues to evolve, the ability to reach new, untapped, qualified visitors through paid social media advertising is staggering.  Big hitters like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter offer greater reach to more qualified, targeted audiences and in-depth analytics via paid advertising.

Through paid advertising, we can segment and target audiences from demographic basics (age, gender, location, marital status) all the way to hobbies/interests, sports preferences, purchase behavior, net worth, occupation, and much more.
Through paid social media advertising, Idyllwild has created, managed, and run hundreds of successful campaigns.  We’ve increased client sales, grown brand awareness, created memorable social campaigns, and gained new followers among our many successes.

Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management is critical to any business.  If not managed carefully, poor reviews and erroneous information can damage business and cause loss of revenue. Idyllwild offers management services to ensure our clients are proactive, and favorably represented online.  We offer the following services:

Online Directory Optimization
There are hundreds of online directories publishing erroneous information about companies.  Taking the time to address, correct, and monitor the misinformation is a time-consuming and daunting task for any business.  Having accurate information not only helps your business name dominate organic search rankings; it also legitimizes your business presence.  Our team at Idyllwild monitors online directories to ensure client business information is up-to-date and accurate.

Online Review Monitoring
Online ‘customer review sites’ are creeping up everywhere – from online directories, to mobile apps – making it easier than ever for consumers to provide feedback about businesses.  While a few review sites and comments might be legitimate, most are not.  It’s difficult for our clients to weed through, and often seems like the Wild West.

That’s why we offer online review monitoring services.  With this service, we monitor the main review sites weekly, providing our clients with ‘active alerts’ to ensure they respond to reviews in a timely, attentive manner.  If needed, we can help clients develop messaging for online responses and maintain a favorable online reputation.

Social Media Reputation Management
If a business has a social media presence, it’s crucial to manage and maintain the online conversations and engagement among communities.  As part of our online reputation management services for clients, we monitor their social profiles daily – responding, favoriting, retweeting, sharing, and liking comment threads.  In addition, we also alert clients concerning negative social comments, and provide drafted responses for client approval.  We believe every comment – favorable or unfavorable – is an opportunity to engage with the public and provide them with personal attention.

The Selling Power of Houzz

One of the social media and reputation management platforms that we can manage for you.

Houzz infographic

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