Video Marketing

Video Marketing is the hottest trending medium on the market. Idyllwild clients who have incorporated our video services into their marketing strategies have experienced tremendous success in online views, social presence, and marketing metrics.  We work with awesome local video production companies who create killer content time and time again.  We oversee the creative (branding, theme, talent, messaging) …and it’s pure genius from there.  Our team uploads the video to the client’s YouTube channel (or creates one), and then places it on their website/landing pages as appropriate.  Then, we market the hell out of it.  We’ll leverage it in email marketing campaigns, share it on social platforms, and prove our mad skills in YouTube marketing.  (we have a reputation for getting thousands of targeted views even within a video’s first 24 hours!)

Check out an awesome unexpected write up we found about our video campaign and production work. Thanks Slope Fillers!


Animation is a powerful tool to be leveraged in any marketing campaign. It can be used for entertainment, visual and emotional stimulation, brand expansion, and so much more. 3D animation uses computer generated images to create realistic animated scenes. Character animation involves bringing animated characters to life through personality and emotion. Which type of animation is the perfect fit for your campaign? Take a look at a few animations that we’ve done and let us know!

A few examples of our video work: