Website Development

With our incredible attention to detail, we take care of everything on the web. Our website strategy and design team work hand-in-hand with coding and copywriting on a daily basis throughout your development process and well into the future. Our talented individuals have expertise in the following areas:

Website Design

We help our clients find the perfect balance between informative and aesthetically pleasing websites. We build sites that support and elevate the brand by clearly, uniquely and effectively conveying the messages and products offered by your business.  Keeping things vibrant by adding new offers, services, images, products and content creates a positive user experience. This attracts the right buyers and keeps them on the site, compelling them to do business.

Mobile & Responsive Design

More than 50% of all website traffic comes from mobile devices. If you already have a website, but do not have a mobile-friendly version the time to make the switch is now. The problem with many websites when opened on a mobile device is that they take too long to download, or provide such a poor user experience that visitors stop the zooming and scrolling and leave the site. Our team can help you build a responsive website with a design that rescales your existing website to respond to different screens like tablets and smartphones. Or, as a more cost-effective option, you can get a condensed version of your main website that is the perfect size to be viewed on a mobile device.

Website Coding

Our sites are fast, free of bugs, cross platform compatible and well positioned in the index. Code needs to be clean, lean and current. Your servers need to be set-up properly, your images tagged appropriately, and the proper adjustments made for the ever changing landscape of new browsers and devices. Our in-house developers and strategists custom code websites, but are also adept in programming a variety of content management systems, allowing the site owner to work on their own site. When needed, we will also put Band-Aids on sites for clients who we haven’t yet designed for.

Our list of official programming capabilities and other geeky stuff:

  • Custom Coded Website Designs
  • Custom Coded Social Designs
  • Mobile
  • Advanced Analytics Set-Up
  • Server Side Administration.
  • Flash Presentations
  • Hosting/Domain Name Registration
  • Content Management Systems – Drupal, Joomla, WordPress
  • Strategic Information Architecture Design
  • Custom Applications
  • Database Development
  • Online Business Systems Development and Coordination
  • Ecommerce OpenCart, VirtueMart

Search Engine Optimization

There is no ‘magic’ to SEO. Anyone who tells you that they can guarantee your business will rank “on the first page of Google”without touching your website is just ridiculous. That would be like planting a tree right on top of hard dirt. No hole, no protection from the elements, no chance for roots, no chance for sustained growth…

We learned early on that the search engines have the very same goals that our clients have – to keep and gain in their market share. Well, how do you do that? You provide the most relevant, most popular website to your searchers that provide them with the best experience so they keep coming back.It’s pretty simple, help search engines with that job and you win.
Our sites always rank very competitively on many different terms for their industries. SEO is about the ingredients and the people who use the ingredients to the fullest. It’s a checklist of things to be done on and off your website that get you ranked on search engines for your desired terms. This list huge and ever changing. Thankfully our clients don’t have to worry about that because they hired the SEO experts at Idyllwild.

Hosting & Maintenance

Imagine that your website is down; you realize you have forgotten to renew something. Was it your domain, was it your hosting? What is your FTP access? Who can fix it? What are all the passwords? Why do I have so many accounts? Why am I spending two days on the phone with a woman named Kevin in Mumbai? Sounds like raking leaves in the wind right? No one likes to do that.

We prefer to just handle everything for you. We will make sure your site is hosted securely in a good neighborhood and backed up at all times. We have all of your information in one convenient location. We monitor for performance on all levels including webmasters (constant monitoring and repairing of bad inbound or outbound links) and analytics (site performance) regularly. If there is ever a problem, we most likely know about it before you do and will already have it taken care of. When the situation arises that a client does have to call us with a question or concern, we happily handle it; fast, completely and very conveniently.

Of course, everything we build for our clients belongs to them. Upon the rare occasion that we have a client that needs to move on, we will package up all their stuff and make the transition seamless.

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